Be Heard

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Tell the Mayor and your councillor we need a fully funded Infill Strategy

The Residential Infill Strategy is a major policy framework that could guide development for decades.

It's a big deal, folks.

The City, however, isn't committing the funds to do it properly. They're doing consultations on a shoestring budget. Your voice won't be heard.

The most important thing you can do is CONTACT YOUR COUNCILLOR AND MAYOR BOWMAN. Tell them the infill strategy needs the full, $650k budget to hold high quality consultations.

The second most important thing you can do is sign the petition on will keep your information private - only your postal code and name will be shared

What is the Residential Infill Strategy?

The Residential Infill Strategy is an ongoing process where the City is designing guidelines for Infill development.

Infill is development in older, existing neighbourhoods. It's different from greenfield development (surburban sprawl).

In other words, infill is the alternative to suburban sprawl.

Early in 2019 there was a motion to fund the Residential Infill Strategy with a full, $650K budget. This would allow Winnipeg's Planning Department to hold thorough consultations with real dialogue between residents, builders and other stakeholders.

Sadly, Winnipeg City Council DENIED this motion.

We need you to speak up, contact your councillor and Mayor Bowman. Tell them the Residential Infill Strategy needs the full $650K.